In this page we will carry monographs, or abstracts of monographs and other research articles pertaining to, but not restricted to, Nature, Culture and History of the larger Tamil region or even the Deccan for that matter. The challenge would be to keep these elements very pertinent to the interests of the visitors to the site, as there is much scientific literature. This is no easy task. So we will start by choosing unique perspectives and singular insights.  A general rule would be to carry articles that could widen the horizon of the ordinary interested visitor/reader in a significant manner.  We start with a unique contribution by Dr. Saskia Kersenboom, born in The Netherlands, living in Hungary and writing on Tamil epistemology. Epistemology, the science of knowledge, talks about what  is it that we know and what are we capable of knowing as abstracted or otherwise from the external world. She writes eloquently that Tamil epistemology has three inter-woven elements Word, Image and Sound. We are familiar with Iyal, Isai, Natakam! We do hope that you will enrich yourself reading this remarkable paper. We acknowledge and thank Dr. Kersenboom and the publishers of the volume where this paper appeared Editions Rodpoi BV, Amsterdam/Atlanta, for consenting to let this paper appear in this site. The Link to the volume:


It Takes Three To Epistemology

It Takes Three To Epistemology


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An Interview with Professor Richard Gombrich

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