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Tirunelvely is a region in Southern Tamil Nadu that lies south of Madurai, the historic Tamil City. With the ancient mountains of the Western Ghats on one side and the sea of the Bay of Bengal on the other, the venerated Tamirabarani flows the course in between. Alternatley known as the Porunai Nathi , this river has come to symbolize the very essence of Tirunelvely. The Western Ghats that run though Tirunelvely have some of the finest of forests and pristine of natural spots. Rich in diversity of life, they sometimes can be so serene that you would be reminded of eternity. Mind and Nature. If Tirunelvely was blessed with Nature, its Culture too is a matter of great celebration. From the Classical to Folk art forms, Tirunelvely is home to myriad traditions of performing arts. It is said that Tamil epistemology is three dimensional involving the word, image and sound. A unique richness that manifests itself in so many forms - going over to art and architecture. Seeing eternity through beauty and experiencing mystery through Music. Mind and Mystery. The urban centre of Tirunelvely is a confluence of cultures with Tirunelvely having been the bastion of Saiva siddhanta Philosophy, and with Palayamkottai holding the distinction of printing the first Bible in India and the Tamil Muslims of Melapalayam adding their own dimension, as the one of the earliest of converts in the history of Islam, to this singular mosaic. Not many know that the same elephant is shared by the Kalakad temple and the Pottalpudur mosque!  

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